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Why Choose Solaria High-Output Solar Panels?

Higher Output

Solaria’s high-output solar panels deliver maximum energy production in a streamlined, all-black design that complements your home’s architectural style. With more than 20% more energy per square meter than traditional solar panels, Solaria’s advanced PowerXT® panels pack maximum power into minimum space for industry-leading efficiency. Enjoy clean, reliable power day in and day out, backed by a 25-year warranty.

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Solaria Advantage

Attractive Design

Better by Design

PowerXT Solar Panels

Solar System Design Process


We conduct an initial examination of your property and past utility bills to determine how much electricity you consume and when.


We do a preliminary design that addresses your solar energy goals, and then provide you with a no-obligation estimate and initial ROI calculation.


If you choose to move ahead, we will conduct a thorough, on-site inspection of your roof and structures to verify our preliminary design, and make any final alterations to the system configuration.


We will help you explore various financing options, and provide you with details about solar incentives available in your area that can help you offset much of the purchase price.


Once financing is secure, we will schedule your installation. This can take anywhere from a couple weeks to several months, depending on time of year and workload.

Connecting to the Grid

Your electric utility will make the final connection to the grid. Depending on the time of year and workload, this can occur a few days, or several weeks after your system is installed.

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